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Beyonce4......Women Power

Beyonce Knowles has come up with her new album 4 , which is extremely close to her heart, which is scheduled to be released on June 24, by Columbia records. Beyonce is known for her form and her voice and is extremely popular for it. She for this album has incorporated various influences from Adele and Florence to Prince and Michael Jackson. It is a hip-hop album.

There are various reasons for her choice of this title First reason her fans love the number 4 , secondly her birthday falls on the date 4 as well as her wedding anniversary . Her mother's birthday also falls on 4. 4 number is next to her heart.

Beyonce 4 with her brassy and gritty voice is the hallmark of this album. Lots of drums surround her latest Endeavor. It is a musical treat for music lovers. Whatever beyonce is today it is because of her music. She started learning music at a very small age. And in no less time came in limelight by her profound voice.

Beyonce has created a new genre of hers and instills it in her every new song. She is beyond a singular genre. She is choosy when it comes to her music and genre. Beyonce is beyond her bootilicious and destiny child's days . She has brand new 12 songs in the album each oozing feminism and women power.

During her destiny child's days she portrayed threesome women energy with two more women partners of hers. The strength and polish of her voice is increasing by day to day. She is a source of lot of energy as surrounded by heavy drums in her song 'end of time'.

Beyonce Knowles needs no introduction and is a name to reckon with . She is a brand ambassador who sells hugely among young men and women. She even has a perfume brand associated with her. She is hot and confident and gives positive energy to millions of young women who dream to be like her.

Her new album Beyonce4 has a far reaching effect. It is both a party album as well as a romantic one .Beyonce4 is a thought- provoking as well as a entertainer. Her songs 'rather die young 'speaks volumes of her proximity with youthfulness and vigor.
Beyonce4 has meaning as well as entertainment value. Beyonce 4 is a strong album and a fresh one. The lyrics are great. The songs have all shades.

Beyonce 4 has many fragrances. It has various kinds of songs as various kinds of flowers in a bunch. Beyonce4 is piercing the youth. Beyonce4 is a multitasking album. It talks as well as entertains.Beyonce4 is indeed a delightful album. It is a worth buy.

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Tia and Tamera.....Signature Sisterhood

Tia and Tamera are identical twin sisters. They are African - Americans. Their new show Tia and Tamera Take2 is buzzing to be aired. The show characterizes life. It portrays the recent lives of former child stars. Tia and Tamera were greatly loved child stars. They have grown into enthralling adults. Both have an ethereal vibe.

Tia is practical and Tamera laid back, one of them is married and the other on the pedestal of marriage. Tia and Tamera Take 2 are similar yet different. Both women are known for their optimism and hope. Tia is pregnant and about to have a child. Tamera is engaged and quickly wants to wear the wedding robes.

Tia and Tamera Take 2 is in reference to them and people like them. They both have been stars since a very early age and know what stardom is. They both are winning women. Both are known for their style and fashion. They are going towards a new life and both are 32 years old.

The Americans are very fond of them and have grown with them literally. Their new show Tia and Tamera Take 2 is change of lives of young stars . Tia and Tamera are as different as alike. Tia thinks Tamera feels. They compliment each other with mind and soul. This is a crucial period for both of them. One is pregnant and the other is about to be married.

Physically they are alike but mentally they differ and psychologically they differ more. Habitually they are different .One is happily married and the other is on a now on now off relationship with her boyfriend. The latter loves nightlife and has a fetish for hanging out.
The modern Americans see themselves in them .

The optimism and survival instinct of these two ladies mesmerizer them. They look for support and enlightenment in their show which has been the patent of shows like Oprah Winfrey who have introduced and re-introduced the American life to the world. Their new show is on the same line.

Tia and Tamera are the life and blood of this show. They bring life to the reality series. Tia and Tamera are known for their sense of humor. They make the Americans happy.
Both Tia and Tamera Take 2 are showing the different shades of star lives. In fact young star lives and their problems and consequences about their decisions, indecision and malfunction of their decisions.

They both have their share in spreading family values as one of the sisters is happily married and the other about to marry. They are pioneers of American society. So Tia and TameraTake2 is a must watch.


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